Aging Ahead’s service area of St. Louis, St. Charles, Franklin and Jefferson County includes over 311,000 persons 60 and older.  This represents 29% of Missouri’s population of citizens 60+. Our Fiscal Department creates and provides financial reports each year to show our partners, sponsors and donors the value of their support.

Estimated Funding Fiscal Year 2022

60.6%  Ι   Nutrition

17.5%  Ι   Supportive Services

8.9%  Ι   Special Programs

7.3%  Ι   Family Caregiver

4.3%    Ι   Administration

1.5% I Other

Estimated Funding Source Fiscal Year 2022

72.4%  Ι   Federal/State

23.2%  Ι   Contracted Services/Medicaid

1.6%    Ι   Program Income

1.8%    Ι   Other Cash


The following documents apply to every prospective bidder: Letter-Contents-Checklist, Senior Services Overview, Service Providers Manual, and Proposal Review Evaluation. Then, access the service specifications for the specific programs you are interested in providing.

If you have any questions, contact our Financial Department at (636) 207-0847.