Aging Ahead’s service area of St. Louis, St. Charles, Franklin and Jefferson County includes over 311,000 persons 60 and older.  This represents 29% of Missouri’s population of citizens 60+. Our Fiscal Department creates and provides financial reports each year to show our partners, sponsors and donors the value of their support.

Estimated Cash Expenditures Fiscal Year 2023

61.5%  Ι   Nutrition

18.3%  Ι   Supportive Services

10.2%  Ι   Special Programs

5.3%  Ι   Family Caregiver

3.3%    Ι   Administration

1.4% I Other

Estimated Funding Source Fiscal Year 2023

62.9%  Ι   Federal/State

10.6%  Ι   Contracted Services/Medicaid

2.2%    Ι   Program Income

24.2%    Ι   Other Cash

Estimated Funding & Source

If you have any questions, contact our Financial Department at (636) 207-0847.

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