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The Silver Haired Legislature (SHL) has been a powerful force for conscientious public policy in the state of Missouri since 1973.  We are a non-partisan non-profit advocacy organization not affiliated with or supported by any political party or special interest group.  Since our inception, the SHL has spoken directly to legislators about the needs of Missouri seniors and the state of Missouri has enacted more than 60 bills and resolutions specifically designed to meet those needs.  We work in coordination with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and our annual convention is held in the house and senate chambers in the state capitol building in Jefferson City.      

You can take part in our mission by subscribing to our email program.  If you choose to become a subscriber, you will receive time sensitive alerts and updates on the status of proposed legislation that might directly affect you and your loved ones.  These updates will alert you to bill status and the important decision makers involved in the Missouri House and Senate.  You will also receive newsletters about our activities, meetings, and fundraising programs.  The act of advocacy is an individual effort; however, history teaches that the successful impact of advocacy is directly related to the number of individuals or groups involved.  By joining with others having similar concerns, an individual increases the probability of “being heard”. 

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