Aging Ahead is required to prepare a "plan" of what it intends to "do" each year to meet the current needs of the older members of our community. This is done by having consumers fill out surveys each year telling us what issues they are facing and what needs they have. This year we are adding an online survey to hear from the community. Taking time to fill out this survey helps ensure your voice is heard when we set our goals for the following year.
2. Do you regularly attend a senior center?
3. Do you face any of the following situations?
3a. Food insecurity
3b. Access with healthcare
3c. Problems with healthcare
3d. Social Isolation
3e. Caring for a loved one
3f. Technology (computer, iPhone/iPad)
3g. Problems with Transportation
4. Do you know anyone who faces any of the following situations?
4a. Food insecurity
4b. Access with healthcare
4c. Problems with healthcare
4d. Social Isolation
4e. Caring for a loved one
4f. Technology (computer, iPhone/iPad)
4g. Problems with Transportation
7. What would you consider the top three issues facing seniors in your community?
9. Please check this box if you would like a staff person from Aging Ahead to telephone you to provide help filling out this survey or to screen you for services.
This must be filled out for your survey to be counted.
Thank you for your help in participating in this survey.