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Support Aging Ahead by educating and engaging participants.
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Presenter Guidelines & Agreement

When supporting Aging Ahead by providing an educational presentation or activity, I agree to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Presenters are prohibited from collecting participant contact information.
  • Presenters are prohibited from selling any product or service at Aging Ahead program locations.
  • Presenters are prohibited from distributing business cards/brochures to participants; however, materials may be made available on the day of the program for participants to voluntarily collect.
  • The roster of presentation participants is for Aging Ahead’s use only.
  • Presentations must be related to the area of expertise of the business or organization. For example, a funeral home might present on grief and support options as opposed to falls prevention.
  • Informational presentations must offer all sides of an issue if it is one of controversy.
  • Aging Ahead does not endorse presenters or presenting organizations.
I have read and agree to follow all of the guidelines stated in this agreement. Violation of any terms of this agreement may result in immediate discontinuation of approved presenter status.
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